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How to own great paintings for a small cost?

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How to own great paintings for a small cost? How to own great paintings for a small cost?
How to own great paintings for a small cost?
How to own great paintings for a small cost? How to own great paintings for a small cost? How to own great paintings for a small cost?
  Have a fine piece of the world's masterpiece that you love on the wall in your home or office?, You certainly can.

Have a fine piece of the world's masterpiece that you love on the wall in your home or office?, You certainly can.

Since the original priceless artworks are either not available to be bought, or are very expensive, WahooArt can give you the next best thing: reproductions of the work you seek, professionally printed on canvas using our latest printing technology.

WahooArt.com is a truly vast virtual art museum where you can browse from your bright computer screen virtually the whole history of western art. Our extensive database of reproductions of European painting and sculpture from 12th to mid-20th centuries are here at your fingertip to be searched and explored.

With our WahooArt application software for your iTune, iPhone and iPad, art lovers can also access our collection literally from anywhere.

How to search our database?

By artist

On our home page, click the button for artists and the relevant page pops up for you showing the names of hundreds of artists, listed alphabetically, reproductions of whose works we hold in our extensive archive.

Also on the page, you can click on a particular art style or country of interest to browse relevant work from the country or period.

Look for, say, Paul Gauguin, in the big list and click his name, and voilà, a virtual portfolio of Monsieur Gauguin s work, in reproductions available at this site, materializes, from the artist's hideaway in Tahiti.

The works are conveniently hung on a cool rotating cube of invisible display panels, from which you can browse and click on a particular painting to select it.

Immediately you may spot his Near the sea painting in oil, that you have always wanted to have. Click on that painting and the work is brought to you on the screen, to be viewed large and already placed in an ornate wooden frame.


 In this case, you can share a little of Gauguin's idyllic existence when he painted on the lush-green island of Tahiti from 1891. As a good artist, the painter was here availing himself to the beauty of the native women, as they take a plunge in the refreshing water to cool down from the tropical heat, surrounded by the lush colors of their landscape.

Order that print?

That is easily done as on the page of the painting are links that allow you to order a reproduction or a print on canvas, of the required size, that you can be sure will be reproduced by our special technology as closely as possible to the image quality of the original painting.

By period, style, subject and color

Rather amazingly at our site, artwork can be searched by categories, styles, topics, colors, media, countries and periods. Click on one of these tabs on every page on the web site and you find that artwork has been pre-selected accordingly, even right down to the main colors used to paint the work.

If you had no particular artwork or artist in mind, a broader search of periods and styles in art history is likely to show you many works that you are not familiar with, and some that is discovered through this serendipity may well hit the spot for you right away.

Clicking "Categories", for example brings up a very useful page that allows you to search by topics (subject matter), art styles, art media, colors and painters' initials.

Clicking "nude", for example, brings up many pages of nudes by a variety of artists, such as this oil painting by Pierre Bonnard.

We can enjoy here the view of a pretty model in the painter's cramped apartment who is rendered in the glorious shimmer of post-impressionist paint fields.

Clicking "Timeline", brings up a scrolling survey map of western art history, displayed by time periods.

On your wall

Having found and selected your artwork, you can order to have its reproduction delivered to you anywhere in the world as:

-- Fine digital inkjet prints on archival paper in customized size.

-- Gicleé canvas prints of exceptional quality, again in various sizes.

-- Commissioned copy of great works of art as oil on canvas, painted just for you by our highly-trained painters.

At WahooArt.com, we realize that we live in the world of customization. Everyone wants their personal items to be unique in some way.

You would not think that art reproductions can be customized, but they can certainly be in many different ways, such as in the choice of framing, sizes and type of printing finish. Just tell our dedicated professional staff what you need and it will be done.

For example, the recreation of aged and cracked (craquelure), as seen on the surface of ancient oil paintings in art museums, can be made to order.

Art lovers dream of owning that one special piece of artwork or more, and maybe, in their wilder dreams, a famous priceless masterpiece that is so admired, all to be proudly displayed in a special room of the house or in the executive office.

By working with us, businesses, corporations and doctors or lawyers, seeking to create an image of success and elegance in their office to welcome clients, have a chance to have stunning artwork from our rich art history on their walls.

Can only dream about owning great artwork because of the price of original art?

Let WahooArt.com bring some reality to that dreaming because, as you can see, our prices for creating your own small gallery of painting masterpieces are very affordable.

Buying art

When you are ready to order your masterpiece, another piece of virtual magic can be seen when the tab "Buy Art" is clicked.

The artwork that you have selected is waiting for you, floating on a blank wall in a room. With a click of the mouse, you can try to fit different types of frames around it, from the many frames that are shown on the screen alongside your picture.

You can also click choices of wall color, wallpapers with patterns and color, and even room furniture arrangements, that may resemble the place where you will eventually hang your prized print.

You can specify other choices there too for the finished product.

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